Sherry & Michael Compton

Sherry & Michael Compton

Our writers are Michael & Sherry Compton, a husband and wife team that I’ve known and worked with for over 10 years.

Michael & Sherry are the writers and executive producers for the 2011 thriller Carjacked, starring Maria Bello and Stephen Dorff. They have projects in development for both film and television, including their award-winning script Rudy Tooty, with Danny Glover and Tequan Richmond attached.

Sherry holds a doctorate in American Literature and Creative Writing and is an alumnus of the Screenwriting Writing Fellowship Program at USC. She has done production work on shorts, documentaries, and feature films, including Ray McKinnon’s Chrystal and the Coen brothers’ The Ladykillers.

Michael is a screenwriter, author, and college professor. His mystery novel Gumshoe is now available in print and on Kindle. His latest release is the short noir thriller, JANUS. He is also an editorial contributor to the scholastic edition of Three Early Stories, by J.D. Salinger.

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At four-hundred-thousand-tons and almost a mile in length, INFERNO  is the size of 5 Nimitz class aircraft carriers lined up bow to stern–the largest ship ever constructed.

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The INFERNO has a maximum capacity of 66,000 prisoners, all in lockdown 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Cell “amenities” include one bunk, one sink, one toilet, and an automatic spigot that delivers the daily ration of liquefied food known as “process.”

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When a tactical nuclear strike goes awry and plunges the world into chaos, a corrupt government attempts to cover its crimes and eliminate its political enemies by sending the INFERNO on a course to destruction.

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Betrayed by the government he had faithfully served, former Black Ops agent Sands Simon is branded a traitor and forced to fight for his life in the steel-cage death matches staged on INFERNO for the amusement of the super-rich. His only code is survival, his only hope that he won’t be forgotten by those he used to love.